Kurdish musings is a blog about news and happenings on Kurdistan. I show an interest in all things Kurdish, though due to my background I will probably end up focusing more on Iraqi Kurdistan. However, expect to see stories on areas from other parts of Kurdistan.

Kurds have a very rich culture, though much of it lost in the centuries of isolation in our mountains, having only come to an appreciation of a Kurdish identity within the past 200 years. Forced assimilation in the past century has not helped much either. But the age of the internet has allowed Kurds living everywhere to come in contact with their culture and with one another, and has given the ability for Kurdish identity to thrive on the internet and buck any efforts by oppressive governments to squash Kurdish culture.

Kurdistan has a ways to go. Tribal differences have to be resolved, the power of religion lessened, corruption combated, and an understanding reached with the peoples around us. We can not take the approach that our neighbors have done with regards to some hackneyed conception of an inherent superiority of one’s ‘culture’- this is not a healthy way of thinking. We have seen its effects on ourselves- Kurds must never do it to other people.


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  1. You have a lovely blog and I’m nominating you for the 2012 Blogger of the Year Award! Congrats! Please stop on my wall: http://tamarnajarian.wordpress.com/2012/11/24/2012-blogger-of-the-year-award-thank-you/ for “the rules” 😀

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